Children’s Work

Children’s Leaders

Children’s ministry is among the top priorities for our church and it is a ministry we aim to do well and to continuously grow and develop.  We have a number of children’s leaders and assistants, who work together to ensure the children have a very enjoyable time in their group, whilst learning about their Christian faith and how precious they are in the Kingdom of God.  Their safety and protection is of paramount importance and our Safeguarding Procedures are strictly adhered to by our children’s leaders and all members of our church.

Children’s Sunday Group

We love the joy and natural enthusiasm the children bring to our church and as such we listen to what they say and what they tell us is that they really enjoy meeting together for their Sunday group.  To ensure we share time together as a church family and also let the children enjoy their time together we have shaped most of our services to give opportunity for both.  Therefore, the children join us for the opening section of the 11 o’clock services, during which time we tend to have a short introduction to our sermon theme.  

After the opening of our service the children really look forward to going out into their own group where they can join with their friends and explore the scriptures in a variety of ways with the children’s group leaders.  We are currently using the “Roots” materials which contain some great ideas for the children to enjoy a number of activities including arts, crafts and games.  Once their teaching is complete the children come back and share with us all they have enjoyed during their time together.